Invoice your USA, EU, or UK Employer or Client and Receive in Any Percentage in Almost Any Currency.


frictionless invoicing:

No employer onboarding required

Receive your wage in less than 48 hours no matter where you are

Track your wages at all times with our Guarantee

If a user invoices an External Employer, they can use any of 25 different currency accounts to receive their wage. The payroll amounts are priced in and received in the user's chosen currency and if sent in a different currency, the wages are automatically converted into the user's chosen currency. If a user invoices an Internal Employer, they use the default currency of the Internal Employer.
Regular users are assigned 1 currency account, but users subscribed to premium have access to all 25. See list below of source currencies and payment methods supported.

  1. USD (ACH Credit, Domestic Wire, SWIFT)
  2. EUR (SEPA Credit, SEPA Urgent, SWIFT)
  3. GBP (Faster Payments, BACS, CHAPS, SWIFT)
  5. PHP (Local Transfer, SWIFT)
  6. CAD (SWIFT)
  7. CNY (SWIFT)
  8. SEK (SWIFT)
  9. DKK (SWIFT)
  10. NOK (SWIFT)
  11. CHF (SWIFT)
  12. AUD (SWIFT)
  13. HRK (SWIFT)
  14. JPY (SWIFT)
  15. SGD (SWIFT)
  16. HKD (SWIFT)
  17. ZAR (SWIFT)
  18. TRY (SWIFT)
  19. AED (SWIFT)
  20. BGN (SWIFT)
  21. PLN (SWIFT)
  22. CZK (SWIFT)
  23. RON (SWIFT)
  24. HUF (SWIFT)
  25. RUB (SWIFT)

There are no fees for our base products. Our exchange rates are found here.
See the fee list below for Invoicing premium features. See fees for other features here.


Local Currency Distribution: 1.00% per deposit except if subscribed to premium
Incoming Wire Fee: 10 USD per payroll except if subscribed to premium


Discounts and features for Invoicing and access to features within
15.99 USD per month subscription fee

Case Studies from Remote Workers and Dev Shops

"For me, receiving payments [through Bitwage] is the union between practicality, speed and convenience to avoid lengthy bureaucratic processes in terms of international transactions, and is also great for the possibility of preserving the price of the payment source currency. No doubt it is the best way to receive international payments today. "

- Beto Muniz, I.T. professional

"Flexibility, agility and less money spent on bureaucracy and fees."

- Lucas Nogueira, programmer

"it takes about 15 business days to complete an international wire transfer to Brazil. The dollar exchange rate + transfer fees applied are also considerably high, we lose about 3~4% of our money when using bank wires."
"Bitwage is the best option since it doesn't require the client to create any kind of account, they can simply pay it using Wire or ACH as they've been done their entire life. The process is also really quick since it takes about just 2 business days to make the payment appear in my account."

- Cássio, Cheesecake Labs, web & mobile app design and development company

"Receiving [through Bitwage] is to value your own salary. The advantage is the speed with lower rates than the competition. "

- Lucas Henrique, IT professional

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